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Commercial Locksmith Service - Dunedin Locksmith

Do you own a business here in Dunedin, Fl.? If so, you will need the services of a good locksmith at some point.

Dunedin Locksmith handles the lock and key needs of dozens of area businesses. No company or job is too small or too large. We are experts in local safety and security and can give you expert advice on protecting your building and your employees.

Some of the locksmith services we offer include:

  • emergency lockout service (24 hours)
  • biometric lock installation
  • employee turnover rekey service
  • alarm installation and maintenance
  • smart phone and tablet surveillance
  • closed circuit television
  • desk and file cabinet rekey service
  • high security commercial locks installed

For a full description of more commercial services offered by Dunedin Locksmith, call us at:

Call (727) 498-4547

Thanks for reading this far! You can tell by our website that we love this business and are excited to be a part of the local community. We would love to be your locksmiths. We have grown over the years to include clients from all walks of life. We welcome your questions and feedback. Call us anytime to secure our services or to ask a question. We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Locksmith Services - Dunedin Locksmith

Here at Dunedin Locksmith, we are proud of our local businesses. We are one too!

After all, American businesses are the backbone of our countries economy. If you have a business in the Dunedin, Florida area, call us and tell us about it. You will be needing commercial locksmith services at some point in your business tenure so you might as well engage the services of a company that has the experience and training to handle everything from an ice cream truck to a hospital.

Here are some of the most requested commercial locksmith services that Dunedin Locksmith offers:

  • professional commercial security and safety assessment
  • employee lockout service
  • employee termination rekey service
  • closed circuit television installation
  • keyless entry systems installed
  • desks and cabinets rekeyed
  • lock mechanisms repaired and replaced
  • smart phone surveillance systems
  • deadbolts and peep holes intalled
  • alarm systems installed
  • master key systems installed and repaired
  • panic bars installed
  • safe cracking with no damage
  • safe combinations changed

Many people think that "any ole" locksmith can do serious commercial locksmith jobs. Not true! It takes years of training and experience and keeping up with the latest technologies, trends and products to be able to adequately service a commercial outfit properly.

Others think that if you do get premium, qualified commercial locksmiths that it will be too expensive. In today's touch economic times, business owners are cutting corners wherever and whenever they can.

Fortunately, if you are a business owner in Dunedin, Florida, we have good news (you probably guessed it) we are not expensive!

You can now take advantage of our 27 years of combined experience and our training and certifications to help your business become more secure and safe. We will provide expert locksmith services while you do what you do best - conduct business!

Dunedin Locksmith currently provides local lock and key services to area restaurants, retail shops, hospitals, apartment buildings, rental homes, offices, schools and churches. From kiosk vendors in the mall to industrial parks, we do it all.

What is your next step? Easy. Call us and request a visit to your facility. We can quickly pinpoint areas vulnerable to break-in or theft.
We can offer qualified advice based on your business set up and layout.
We can inspect your lock mechanisms and make recommendations based on their condition and effectiveness.
We can advise you on the latest developments in high security commercial locks and their lifetime warranties. These tamper proof and pick proof wonders are the new defense against crime. They won't break your bank and they just might get you an insurance break or a tax deduction.

You are never under obligation when you call Dunedin Locksmith - pick up the phone and ask any questions you may have. We are there for you - the ball is in your court now. Here's the number again:

Call (727) 498-4547



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