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Residential Locksmith Service - Dunedin Locksmith

When you need the very best locksmith help at your home, call the company who stands out head and shoulders above all the rest. Dunedin Locksmith has been providing quality locksmith services to homeowners for decades.

Any decent locksmith can make a key duplicate. Dunedin Locksmith technicians can provide you with all the latest, most up to date advancements in home security and safety.

With our expert help, you can make your home a safer and much more secure haven for your family and possessions. Call one of our Dunedin Locksmith specialists for a no-obligation residential assessment.

Sleep better at night knowing that your high security residential locks are in place and that you have any vulnerable areas now secured. It all starts with a call to our office.

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By now you can see that Dunedin Locksmith is very different from all the "handyman locksmiths" you see in the weekly shoppers. This is not our hobby - this is our passion.

We care about our customers and we give them our very best service. We are the caliber of professional that you would invite into your home. Actually, that is a great idea!

You already know that Dunedin Locksmith provides expert lockout services and can rekey a front door. Did you know that we are security experts who can advise you on residential safety and theft prevention too?

We can provide you with lifetime warrantied, high security residential locks for your home. These amazing locks are tamper and pick proof. They will add tremendous security and value to your home and they are not expensive.

Here is a list of some of our most requested residential services:

  • front/back door rekeying
  • interior doors rekeyed (bathrooms, bedrooms, closets)
  • mailbox, garage door and sliding door locks
  • residential keys duplicated
  • peep holes installed
  • residential security assessment
  • rekey all home locks to the same key
  • deadbolt installation
  • keyless entry installation
  • safes installed and repaired
  • closed circuit television

When Dunedin Locksmith residential experts come to your home, you can expect prompt, professional work done right every time. We guarantee all of our work and all of our products carry full warranties.

Our technicians all have clearance for drug and background problems. All are fully licensed and bonded. We have all the necessary certifications and insurances in place to be able to do this specialized work at your home.

We recommend that you add our telephone number to your speed dial list on your smart phone for handy use later. We also recommend that you call us with any questions or ideas that you may have concerning your home's locks and security. We are always available to you for things as small as key duplicates or as large as closed circuit television and smart phone integration with your cameras.

Be sure and check with your homeowner's insurance agent to see if you qualify for any premium discounts for making your house safer and more secure. Many insurance companies offer these so be sure to ask.

Here's our telephone number again: (727) 498-4547



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